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Our Logo: The Indigenous pin-cushion protea fynbos species, has been proven to survive and even revive through fire. As often as the cape wildlife are faced with raging fire threats, this protea species tends to amaze with splendrous new life out of the ashes. Symbolically our story seems so similar. Facing consuming hardships that seems to destroy all hopes and dreams, God’s nature in us produces new life, in spite of our pain.

Our Name: Milah Mayaluh. The name Milah(industrious) chosen in memory of our little girl and Mayalu(my love) tells the story of love and loss in remembrance of hardship and hope wrapped up and fused into new beginnings of celebrating life. Here is to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them, may we remember them.


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We’ve investigated our options and partnered up with The Courier Guy who’s quick and very reliably with online shopping delivery. Delivery is free for orders above R1000 or else R115.


Milah Mayalu is situated in the beautiful landscape of George, Western Cape, South-Africa. Our logo represents the local fynbos pin-cushion flower, which also relates to a pin-cushion used in sewing and dress making.